Mister Taxel May 2, 2022
ambassador of the month

MishManners is May 2022 Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

It’s a new month and that means it’s time to announce our newest Xbox Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion – MishManners! MishManners is a content creator, journalist, and hackathon queen. As a Level 4 Xbox Ambassador, she’s a proud advocate for making gaming more safe, fun, and welcoming to everyone. You may recognize […]

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NerdyBirdy Mar 1, 2022
ambassador of the month

fuzzzycat is Xbox Ambassador of the Month for March 2022!

Our newest Xbox Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion is fuzzzycat! They joined the program back in Season 20 and are already a Level 4 member of the Xbox Ambassadors community. If you’ve spent much time in the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server you’ve likely encountered them there and had your day brightened by their […]

Against a rainbow background, the Xbox Ambassadors laurel and controller logo in white. White text says" Xbox Ambassadors Making Gaming Fun for Everyone"
Taxel Jan 5, 2022

Meet the Xbox Ambassador Community Champions

In October of 2020, we introduced the Xbox Ambassadors community to a new community role – Community Champions. This blog is a resource for those who are curious about the role, the current roster of Community Champions, and what they do.   What is a Community Champion?  Community Champions are trusted and recognized Xbox Ambassadors. They […]

Viper7 smiles in a hockey arena, wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey
Taxel Jan 5, 2022
ambassador of the month

Viper7 is January’s Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

We’ve got a new Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion – Viper7! Viper7 is a longtime member of our community, a Play Host on the XA Twitch channel, and an advocate for accessibility in gaming. He was featured last Season on a recent community panel for National Disability Employment Awareness Month where he shared […]

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Miss AshesX Aug 3, 2021
ambassador of the month

August Ambassador of the Month – NiteTimeOwl3533!

Summer is going full speed ahead and the beginning of the new month is here. With that, we’d like to introduce the August Ambassador of the Month and newest Community Champion – NiteTimeOwl3533! He’s a source of positive energy in the program, he’s welcoming, and he’s always down to play a game with community members. […]

ThorX360 takes a selfie, arm outstretched, in front of a black and green Xbox sign.
Mister Taxel Jul 6, 2021
ambassador of the month

July Ambassador of the Month – ThorX360!

Xbox Ambassadors, say congratulations to our newest Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion – ThorX360! ThorX360 is a longtime editor of MondoXbox.com, a host on its Twitch channel, and an admin of its related Facebook Community. He has promoted and participated in multiple 24-hour charity streams for Special Effect and is a positive role […]

Graphic with a blue prisim background with the Xbox Ambassadors logo in white and set in the center of the image
Blue Tiger Oct 19, 2020

Introducing Community Champions — A new Xbox Ambassador role

Xbox Ambassador Community Champions lead by example and set the standard for what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador. Because there’s no one “right way” to be an Xbox Ambassador, we’ve recognized Community Champions for a variety of accomplishments and contributions to the community. Each Champion is trusted, equipped, and empowered to impact the […]