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the otter as an inventor
NerdyBirdy Nov 2, 2022

The Next 30 Days of Season 28

Xbox Explorer Path Experience October was an amazing month, but that is hardly a surprise when it comes to this community. What was a humbling surprise was how much participation there was in the new Xbox Ambassadors Accessibility Explorer Path. We launched this feature last month and already have over 150,000 mission completions. Well done, […]

a man holding an xbox controller
NerdyBirdy Nov 1, 2022

Zenosos is November’s Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

It’s November and we have another new Xbox Ambassador of the Month! Please welcome Zenosos! Zenosos is a life-long gamer and an avid fan of popular gaming series like Assassin’s Creed. Find out more about them below and be sure to say hi if you see them in Xbox spaces. How did gaming become one […]

an otter working as an inventor
NerdyBirdy Oct 4, 2022

First 30 Days of Season 28!

First 30 Days of Season 28 Entering the Season of the Inventor As we move into October it’s time to introduce a brand-new theme for Season 28. Welcome to the Season of the Inventor. Human history is littered with inventors, those creative innovators who blend intelligence, ingenuity, and originality to build entirely new systems, tools, […]

a couple stands in front of a window
NerdyBirdy Oct 4, 2022

Kyleia is October’s Ambassador of the Month!

It’s October and we have a new Ambassador of the Month! Please welcome Kyleia! Kyleia has been a gamer since childhood and brings a love for gaming in all shapes and forms to the Xbox Ambassadors Program. She literally grew up on gaming, first playing Duck Hunt and Super Mario on the NES. Find out […]

an image of people playing video games
NerdyBirdy Sep 8, 2022

National Video Game Day ’22: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

Happy National Video Games Day! To celebrate, we asked Xbox Ambassadors how they would describe the impact that gaming and gaming communities have had on them. We received hundreds of responses highlighting the positivity and importance of gaming. TheMOHAAMaster I had met a friend when we were young teenagers through playing Call of Duty United […]

a featured view of various xbox ambassadors
NerdyBirdy Sep 6, 2022

Player1MGA is September’s Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

It’s September and we have a new Ambassador of the Month! Please welcome Player1MGA! Player1MGA has been a gamer for quite some time and brings that wealth of experience and knowledge to the Xbox Ambassadors Program. Find out more about him below and be sure to say hi if you see him in Xbox spaces. […]

screenshot from the game sea of thieves
NerdyBirdy Sep 2, 2022

How to Make New Friends in Gaming

Everyone interacts with gaming differently. For some, gaming is a solo activity best enjoyed on their own. But for others, gaming is an inherently social activity. Whether they’re playing party games with all their friends sprawled across their living room or planning online raids, gaming isn’t complete without their social circle. But what if you […]

an image of a creature wielding a hammer
NerdyBirdy Sep 1, 2022

Last 30 Days of Season 27

Finishing the Season of the Apprentice and the Expert The Final Stage of Season 27 As we move into the final stretch of Season 27, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all who helped make the Season of the Expert and the Apprentice a success. From contributing to playdates during the Xbox Ambassadors […]

screenshot from the game tell me why
NerdyBirdy Aug 19, 2022

Why Representation in Gaming Matters

Our media and culture shape all of us. Whether deliberately or inadvertently, we all find examples or role models to follow in the music, movies, and books we listen to, watch, and read. Because of media’s influence on our lives, we must understand the importance of creating characters and narratives that can be honest, thoughtful, […]

screenshot from the indie game hollow knight
SGoldAndS Aug 10, 2022

How Indie Games Affect Gaming

I’d like to talk about how much indie games affect gaming.  I’m an indie game developer myself right now and I’m happy to share the experience that I got, too. Game development is an art. A couple of years ago, there was a not very pleasant event in my life – many of my friends […]

two animated characters helping each other
NerdyBirdy Aug 5, 2022

How Video Games Bring People Together

The Importance of Human Connection One of the most important aspects of any life is a person’s connections and relationships. Our friends, families, and partners provide love, support, and care to our lives. And our larger circle of acquaintances and surrounding community help us to maintain our overall health and wellbeing. These cumulative interactions are […]

an image of a creature wielding a hammer
NerdyBirdy Aug 1, 2022

Next 30 Days of Season 27

The Next 30 Days of Season 27 Continuing the Season of the Expert and the Apprentice We’re so excited to bring you into the next phase of the season as we really kick off the time of the Master and the Apprentice. As we move into August, we’re happy to report that the next month […]