A man standing alone admiring art in a vast art gallery
NerdyBirdy Sep 30, 2021

Should Video Games be Considered as Art?

What is Art? In 1865, the French painter Edouard Manet first exhibited his painting, Olympia, in the Paris Salon. Olympia, which depicts a nude woman being brought flowers while lying on her bed, caused immediate public outrage. The painting was viciously condemned by art critics and the larger public, with the frenzy reaching a fever […]

Two people sitting on a couch in a living room high-fiving one another.
Mister Taxel Jul 30, 2021

International Day of Friendship 2021

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s July 30 and that means it’s International Day of Friendship! To celebrate, we wanted to share some stories from within the Ambassadors community about friendships made and maintained through Xbox. We sent an email last week asking for story submissions, received over 400 responses, and selected some of our very favorites to […]