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Zatomas May 4, 2022

What Can Indie Games Teach Us About Kindness?

What’s the first thing that comes to mind if I say, “kindness in gaming”? Most probably it’ll be being fair, inclusive, and yes, kind to the people you play with, whether you know them or not. That is pretty much where good gaming lies, right? Nevertheless, unlike other forms of entertainment, gaming requires an active […]

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Semoclive Apr 21, 2022

Gaming Positively with the Xbox Ambassadors

In the interest of keeping this as brief as possible (we’ve all got games to get back to), let me begin with the end; making the Xbox community an overall more positive and kinder place can only be good for us in the long run, both in gaming circles and out. Now, why do I […]

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Negangaming Apr 8, 2022

The Benefits of Gaming for Older Gamers

I am 44 years old and have been gaming for most of my life. I’ve played on most consoles and of course my PC as well. I remember getting the first Xbox and the excitement I felt when opening the box and setting it up for the first time. I got that feeling again last […]

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NerdyBirdy Feb 2, 2022

Spoodly Phoenix is February’s Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

February is here and that means we get to introduce our new Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion, Spoodly Phoenix! She is a positive, welcoming addition and we are so excited for you all to get to know them. Spoodly Phoenix is committed to making sure that everyone feels comfortable in the community and […]

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Zatomas Jan 27, 2022

5 Ways You Can Support Indie Games

#XAIndieLovers: 5 ways you can really support indie games Written by Zatomas How many indie games lovers are out there? I am sure there are a lot! Last summer, we launched an #XAIndieLovers blog posts series featuring some of our favorite titles from Xbox Game Pass, but what can we concretely do in our everyday […]

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Stop Inn Jan 5, 2022

Irlen Syndrome – An Xbox Accessibility Journey

Written by Stop Inn. For as long as I can remember I’ve found solace in the world’s we are granted safe passage to through our gaming consoles. From an early age, and indeed one of my earliest gaming memories, it became second nature to flit between the exploration of the vast, winding labyrinths of Super […]

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Oraclea Dec 29, 2021

How Forza Horizon 5 Put Accessibility into the Driver’s Seat

Written By Oraclea Forza Horizon 5 took home several honors at the 2021 Game Awards, including the award for Innovation in Accessibility. The award is a great honor for Playground Games, who made accessibility one of the core pillars of the game’s design, and whose efforts have been rewarded with one of the highest accolades […]

Screenshot from the game mode Tetris Effect: Connected
Fifthpaw May 12, 2021

Gaming, More Than Just a Hobby

Written by Sensei Sensible Gaming. It’s a past time that is undertaken by many people but not always well understood by those that don’t partake in the hobby. A video game to some is just a waste of time, a negative influence on our youth and the reason society is doomed. Well possibly not the […]

Four people sitting in a room on couches in front of a television with a video game on it having fun together
Fifthpaw Apr 13, 2021

Gaming Can Help You Find A Community You Belong In

Written by Colormericky Hey everyone, Reading Mr Enoky’s submission to the Xbox Ambassadors Blog earlier last month encouraged me to share my story too. Just like Mr Enoky, I have dealt with anxiety and depression as well. It has been a struggle these past few years but finding the Xbox Ambassadors program again and gaming […]

Screenshot from the video game Life is Strange showing a silhouette of a woman against a dark, stormy sky with lightning and a tornado
Fifthpaw Mar 8, 2021

How Gaming Saved Me From Darkness

Written by Mr Enoky My passion for gaming started back in 1995 when I first played on an arcade machine with my brother and a cousin where we played Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. That experience was out of this world for me and even though we couldn’t finish it, the sensation was breathtaking. But back in […]

A header split into four equal parts showcasing key art from the video game Tell Me Why, a screenshot of a ladybug from the video game Grounded, a photo of a laptop with Minecraft running on it and key art from the game HyperDot
Fifthpaw Feb 10, 2021

Writing Unlocked: Submitting a Community Blog

This blog was an Xbox Ambassadors community collaboration by Pandy Yato, CamicaziBoss, Jaydotremy and Oraclea The Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog has been a part of our program for several years now- in fact, it’s been a part of the program for longer than many of us! From its early days to now, it has given […]

whiteandshiny and Eden2032 posing next to a large, lit up Xbox Game Pass sign
Fifthpaw Jan 12, 2021

The Xbox Ambassadors during COVID19

Written by whiteandshiny Hi everyone, I normally go by whiteandshiny but to my friends I’m known as Rob! Many of you know me from the Xbox Ambassador events that myself and Eden2032 have hosted at the Microsoft Store in London. Obviously because of the COVID-19 pandemic there hasn’t been an opportunity to host another event […]