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Eden0032 Nov 21, 2023

Xbox Ambassadors London Meetup Recap October 2023

By Eden0032, Community Champion On Friday 13th October, Xbox Ambassadors in London were invited to the Microsoft Experience Centre for a community meetup event with a range of guests and experiences. This event was planned to coincide with EGX, the UK’s largest gaming convention. Xbox Ambassadors arrived at the Gaming Lounge and had the chance […]

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ChaoticLu Sep 15, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month 2023: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

Hey Xbox Ambassadors, today is the start of our celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 2023! First off, we’d like to begin by thanking all of you who took the time to send in content for spotlights this year. We received many submissions and were able to select 5 individual Ambassadors to spotlight here on the […]

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ChaoticLu Sep 4, 2023

Last 30 days of Season 31

The season of the Alliance is coming to an end, but gaming with your player 2 will go on! As we celebrate the launch of Starfield and get our spacesuits ready, we wanted to take a quick look at what happened in August and what is coming up in September and beyond for Xbox Ambassadors.  […]

Yak with sun staff and owl with moon cape looking front with a dark forest behind
ChaoticLu Jul 1, 2023

First 31 days of Season 31

First 30 days of Season 31 As the season of “The Companion” comes to an end, we want to thank you for your participation and dedication to the Community. We also encourage you to continue your engagement with the Xbox community and spread positivity and encouragement in every gaming session. We hope you all enjoyed […]

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ChaoticLu May 3, 2023

Next 30 Days of Season 30

The season of The Companion has already started, so as a good sidekick and your Player 2 on this journey, let me walk you through new features, Quests, news and more! Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage month This year we are excited to honor and celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with several Quests. […]

Dog and cat with spacesuits sitting and looking at the space
ChaoticLu Apr 1, 2023

First 30 Days of Season 30

Hello Xbox Ambassadors and welcome to Season 30, the season of “The Companion”! The Companion is that special Player 2 you can share adventures and experiences with. One cool thing about gaming is the ability to bond without having to see the person outside the gaming world. We are excited to share with you a […]

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ChaoticLu Sep 14, 2014
Ambassador of the Month

Ambassador of the month — AngelObullets

September’s Ambassador of the month is dedicated to an Ambassador we all know and love, a gamer who is all about the inclusion of others and accepts everyone for exactly who they are—AngelObullets! AngelObullets has been an Xbox Ambassador since August of 2014 and has been an active member since day one. AngelObullets was nominated […]