KnightlySpartan takes a selfie with forest-covered mountains or hilltops in the background. Also in the background, a metal and glass item on a stone pedestal. His reflection is showing in the glass.
Taxel Aug 1, 2022
Ambassador of the Month

KnightlySpartan is Xbox Ambassador of the Month for August 2022!

It’s August and we have a new Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion – KnightlySpartan! He’s the founder of two excellent fan-led communities: r/XboxIndia and the Xbox India Discord, a Level 4 Ambassador, and he’s passionate about creating safe and welcoming spaces centered around gaming. Read the Q&A to learn more about him and be […]

an image of a creature wielding a hammer
NerdyBirdy Jul 5, 2022

First 30 Days of Season 27!

The Season of the Apprentice and Expert  The End of Season 26  As we move into July, it is time to wrap up the last few events of Season 26. Season 26 was the season of the Storyteller, and we got to see the incredible power that comes from sharing personal stories and narratives.   We […]