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Stylized Xbox logo featuring wildlife, tribe members, and a waterfall in the traditional Snoqualmie style with black and red colors
Fifthpaw Aug 9, 2022

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples 2022: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples! The wonderful art accompanying this blog was created in the traditional art style used by the Snoqualmie people by Bethany Fackrell. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook. Each piece of the art tells a different story. For example, the five circles towards the […]

an image of a creature wielding a hammer
NerdyBirdy Aug 1, 2022

Next 30 Days of Season 27

The Next 30 Days of Season 27 Continuing the Season of the Expert and the Apprentice We’re so excited to bring you into the next phase of the season as we really kick off the time of the Master and the Apprentice. As we move into August, we’re happy to report that the next month […]

a person holding an xbox controller
NerdyBirdy Jul 5, 2022

itsMikeytho is July 2022’s Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

It’s July and we have the newest Xbox Ambassador of the Month – itsMikeytho!  They are a longtime gamer and a relatively recent addition to the Xbox Ambassador Program. They are a constantly positive and uplifting presence when interacting with others online, and that’s one reason of many why they’re an Xbox Ambassador of the […]

A logo of an Xbox controller surrounded by a laurel, colored yellow, green, blue and red. There are various disability-themed stickers around it
Fifthpaw Jul 5, 2022

Disability Pride Month ’22: Xbox Ambassador Stories

“When everyone plays, we all win”  This year we are celebrating Disability Pride Month! The Xbox Ambassadors program is about amplifying and highlighting voices within our awesome community. So, we asked fellow Ambassadors that are a part of the Disability Community to share their personal stories about gaming with disabilities and what accessibility features they […]

a view from inside a spaceship
NerdyBirdy Jun 17, 2022

Xbox Showcase 2022 Wrap-Up

Looking Ahead to the Next Year of Gaming One of the most quintessential aspects of gaming is eagerly anticipating the next season of new games. There’s nothing quite like the release of your next favorite game. This last Saturday, we were able to watch the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase for 2022. With the latest […]

featured image for what it means to be an xbox ambassador
NerdyBirdy Jun 7, 2022

What Does It Mean to Be an Xbox Ambassador?

The world of gaming can be an exhilarating and exciting place. No other hobby or activity operates in a venue of such unbridled creativity or imagination. You can climb mountains, explore space, or save entire civilizations. Better yet, you can engage in adventures on your own, or surrounded by a community of equally dedicated individuals. […]

maguzzolo smiles in a t-shirt with the Xbox 20 year anniversary logo on it, holding two custom controllers up in his hands. He's wearing green sunglasses.
Taxel Jun 1, 2022
Ambassador of the Month

Maguzzolo is June 2022 Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

It’s June and we have a new Xbox Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion – maguzzolo! He’s a longtime Ambassador, gamer, and content creator who loves Xbox and the Xbox community. Read on below to get to know maguzzolo better, and be sure to say hello when you see him around our social spaces […]

A logo of an Xbox controller surrounded by a laurel. Filling the logo are several LGBTQIA+ pride flags, expanding out from the middle of the logo.
Fifthpaw Jun 1, 2022

Pride Month ’22: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

Happy Pride Month! The Xbox Ambassadors program has always been about amplifying and highlighting voices within our awesome community. In anticipation of Pride, we asked LGBTQIA+ members of our community how games with LGBTQIA+ representation have impacted them and to share their own stories about being a member of a gaming community.    We received hundreds […]

red, blue, and black supercars race beneath a finish line with "Mexico" written in glowing letters. In the background, mountains and some hot air balloons.
Taxel May 24, 2022

XA Community Playdate May 29 – Forza Horizon 5

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s time to get together in another community playdate! This will be our fourth Playdate in a row hosted and facilitated by Community Champions! Join CerebralPaul#921, Spoodly Phoenix, and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors for some Forza Horizon 5 multiplayer on Sunday, May 29th at 9:30AM PT. We’ll get some convoys together and have […]

An illustration of many people's heads with their eyes closed in a pondering manner
Fifthpaw May 23, 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022: Xbox Ambassadors Share their Stories

Hey, everyone! At the beginning of the month, we celebrated the start of Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month and we definitely recommend checking out the wonderful stories in that blog.  However, May also happens to be Mental Health Awareness Month. A while back we asked a question on the Xbox Ambassadors forum: What video […]

Against a rainbow background, the Xbox Ambassadors laurel and controller logo in white. White text says" Xbox Ambassadors Making Gaming Fun for Everyone"
Mister Taxel May 19, 2022

Global Accessibility Day 2022 – XA Community Experiences

Thursday, May 19 is Global Accessibility Awareness Day and we want to celebrate by sharing some perspectives from within the Xbox Ambassadors community. We invited interested Community Champions to share their personal experiences with disability and accessibility features in gaming, and asked about specific features they find particularly useful in their own gaming. Read on […]

featured image for positivity in gaming
Randydeweerd May 18, 2022

How Positivity in Gaming Changed My Life

It started with buying my first Xbox console. At that time, I only played Halo and Gears of War mainly. In some party chats there was a lot of negativity and harassment. I decided I was here to have fun and spread positivity. The best idea I had was to use my real name in […]