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Against a rainbow background, the Xbox Ambassadors laurel and controller logo in white. White text says" Xbox Ambassadors Making Gaming Fun for Everyone"
Taxel Jan 5, 2022

Meet the Xbox Ambassador Community Champions

In October of 2020, we introduced the Xbox Ambassadors community to a new community role – Community Champions. This blog is a resource for those who are curious about the role, the current roster of Community Champions, and what they do.   What is a Community Champion?  Community Champions are trusted and recognized Xbox Ambassadors. They […]

Viper7 smiles in a hockey arena, wearing a Detroit Red Wings jersey
Taxel Jan 5, 2022
ambassador of the month

Viper7 is January’s Xbox Ambassador of the Month!

We’ve got a new Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion – Viper7! Viper7 is a longtime member of our community, a Play Host on the XA Twitch channel, and an advocate for accessibility in gaming. He was featured last Season on a recent community panel for National Disability Employment Awareness Month where he shared […]

MTA Raylz's Xbox avatar stands next to a blue and white shark person and a flag with the Xbox, Bing, Office, and Windows logos. The avatar wears a black shirt with a golden star + laurels Amby logo. Above the avater, a cat jumps on skis in a fencing stance.
Mister Taxel Sep 1, 2021
ambassador of the month

MTA Raylz is September’s Ambassador of the Month!

Xbox Ambassadors, put your hands together MTA Raylz! You’ll probably recognize him from the many positive interactions he has had with other members of the community, over many years and across many platforms. He’s a friendly force in the program, a public transit enthusiast, and the newest Ambassador of the Month + Community Champion! Read […]

A collage of some Community Champions photos, with the Xbox Ambassadors logo in center.
Mister Taxel Aug 17, 2021

XA Community Champions Summer Stream – August 21!

This Saturday, August 21, Xbox Ambassador Community Champions will be hosting a virtual get-together for their fellow Ambassadors to join and enjoy. We’ve got a packed schedule of 4 different games lined up (all on Xbox Game Pass), with a variety of community hosts as well! Join your fellow Ambassadors for a community-led livestream on […]

Faceless character holding onto a lamp and another character's hand with little islands floating in the air and some more faceless characters floating and falling in the background.
Mister Taxel Aug 2, 2021

Summer Games Party Play Date: Human Fall Flat!

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s Summer Games Party this month and that means we get a bonus Play Date. For an extra dash of knowledge, charisma, and general humanity, this Play Date will be hosted by NorthernZoot! Zoot is a Play Host, Community Champion, Xbox MVP, and widely recognized source of wisdom for all things Human Fall […]

Two people sitting on a couch in a living room high-fiving one another.
Mister Taxel Jul 30, 2021

International Day of Friendship 2021

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s July 30 and that means it’s International Day of Friendship! To celebrate, we wanted to share some stories from within the Ambassadors community about friendships made and maintained through Xbox. We sent an email last week asking for story submissions, received over 400 responses, and selected some of our very favorites to […]

ThorX360 takes a selfie, arm outstretched, in front of a black and green Xbox sign.
Mister Taxel Jul 6, 2021
ambassador of the month

July Ambassador of the Month – ThorX360!

Xbox Ambassadors, say congratulations to our newest Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion – ThorX360! ThorX360 is a longtime editor of, a host on its Twitch channel, and an admin of its related Facebook Community. He has promoted and participated in multiple 24-hour charity streams for Special Effect and is a positive role […]

A knight wielding a sword on a horse on a snowy battlefield
Mister Taxel Apr 20, 2021

XA Community Play Date – Mount & Blade: Warband

Xbox Ambassadors, get ready for our next Community Play Date this Sunday, April 25th! We’ll be getting together as many Ambassadors and their guests as we can in Mount & Blade: Warband for some multiplayer medieval combat action. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have free access to Mount & Blade: Warband. Read on below for details […]

A message from a server member “Hi moderator, I need help with something” and a reply embedded message from Elemental that displays a text-based menu for how to Create Tickets, List tickets, Select tickets, Un-select Tickets, and Close tickets.
Mister Taxel Feb 24, 2021

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Modmail in the XA Discord Server

What is Modmail? Modmail is a new Xbox Ambassadors Discord feature, provided by Elemental Bot, that allows server members to contact moderators and staff through a ticketing system. This allows for more efficient communication between server members who spot something that needs staff/moderator attention, and the staff and mods themselves. Read this blog for step-by-step […]

A black helicopter lifts off from a helipad, against a wintery mountainous background
Mister Taxel Feb 19, 2021

Community Play Date February 28th – Project Winter!

Xbox Ambassadors, get ready for our next Community Play Date this Sunday, February 28th! We’ll be getting together as many Ambassadors and their guests as we can in Project Winter for some communication, teamwork, and ice cold betrayal. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have free access to Project Winter. Read on below for details on how […]

Human Fall Flat characters falling from a cliff
Mister Taxel Jan 19, 2021

Community Play Date January 24th – Human Fall Flat!

Xbox Ambassadors, get ready for our next Community Play Date this Sunday, January 24th! We’ll be getting together as many Ambassadors and their guests as we can in Human Fall Flat for some teamwork, puzzle solving, and wobbly walking physics. Xbox Game Pass subscribers have free access to Human Fall Flat. Read on below for […]

Mister Taxel Dec 15, 2020

Community Play Date December 20 – Destiny 2!

Hey Xbox Ambassadors! Our next community Playdate is coming up on December 20th and it’s going to be Destiny 2! It’s now a free-to-play title, so come join the fun. You don’t need a DLC to play, just come with the game ready. We’ll be sorting folks into groups of 3 and letting each group […]