An Xbox Ambassadors controller and laurel leaf logo set against a multicolored background
Taxel Oct 2, 2023

Xbox Ambassadors Celebrate Gaming + Disability 2023

Hey, Xbox Ambassadors! This year we’re celebrating the Gaming and Disability Community by spotlighting individual Ambassadors on our Xbox Ambassadors Blog and the Xbox Wire! We’re excited to share stories from our community about how gaming has impacted the lives of those with disabilities. Read the spotlights below to learn more, and remember to check […]

An Xbox Ambassadors controller and laurel leaf logo set against a multicolored background. Below, the text "Xbox Ambassadors" and "making gaming fun for everyone"
Taxel May 18, 2023

Xbox Ambassadors Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023

It’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day and the Xbox Ambassadors Program is celebrating a huge community milestone in our efforts to spread the word about the importance of accessibility in gaming! We recently hit 1,000,000 Quests completed on the Xbox Ambassadors Accessibility Explorer Path, with over 18,000 unique Ambassadors contributing to that goal! This is a […]

An Xbox Ambassadors controller and laurel leaf logo set against a multicolored background. Below, the text "Xbox Ambassadors" and "making gaming fun for everyone"
Taxel Apr 19, 2023

April 25 Developer Stream – Accessibility in Gaming with CerebralPaul + Joanna Blackhart

Hey Xbox Ambassadors, we have a special developer stream coming next week!  Join your fellow Ambassador Cerebral Paul and special guest Joanna Blackhart Tuesday, April 25th at 1PM Pacific time on the Xbox Ambassadors Twitch channel for a livestream highlighting accessibility in gaming and Joanna’s work in that space. About our Guest Joanna Blackhart is […]

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NerdyBirdy Sep 8, 2022

National Video Game Day ’22: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

Happy National Video Games Day! To celebrate, we asked Xbox Ambassadors how they would describe the impact that gaming and gaming communities have had on them. We received hundreds of responses highlighting the positivity and importance of gaming. TheMOHAAMaster I had met a friend when we were young teenagers through playing Call of Duty United […]

screenshot from the game sea of thieves
NerdyBirdy Sep 2, 2022

How to Make New Friends in Gaming

Everyone interacts with gaming differently. For some, gaming is a solo activity best enjoyed on their own. But for others, gaming is an inherently social activity. Whether they’re playing party games with all their friends sprawled across their living room or planning online raids, gaming isn’t complete without their social circle. But what if you […]

screenshot from the game tell me why
NerdyBirdy Aug 19, 2022

Why Representation in Gaming Matters

Our media and culture shape all of us. Whether deliberately or inadvertently, we all find examples or role models to follow in the music, movies, and books we listen to, watch, and read. Because of media’s influence on our lives, we must understand the importance of creating characters and narratives that can be honest, thoughtful, […]

two animated characters helping each other
NerdyBirdy Aug 5, 2022

How Video Games Bring People Together

The Importance of Human Connection One of the most important aspects of any life is a person’s connections and relationships. Our friends, families, and partners provide love, support, and care to our lives. And our larger circle of acquaintances and surrounding community help us to maintain our overall health and wellbeing. These cumulative interactions are […]

an image of an adaptive controller
NerdyBirdy Jul 15, 2022

Accessible Games on Xbox Game Pass

Accessibility in gaming has come a long way in just the last several years. Features such as visual contrasts, subtitles, or even different difficulty settings have grown from accessories to industry standards. It would be unthinkable today for a contemporary game studio to craft a gaming experience without planning and accommodating for accessibility. In honor […]

a young woman speaks with her male friend
NerdyBirdy May 12, 2022

The Power of Storytelling in Gaming

Gaming is centered on stories. Stories are what bring games to life, what makes them so compelling and irresistible to play. While many games emphasize gameplay mechanics or impressive graphics or visual displays, the storytelling of a game is what binds each of these elements together into a cohesive whole. A story is what transforms […]

screenshot from the game life is strange
NerdyBirdy Mar 7, 2022

The Resurgence of Story Based Games

One of the most popular gaming genres in recent years is also one of gaming’s oldest. While many think of the quintessential video game to be a third-person shooter, action, or fighting game, many of the first video games revolved around narratives and plot over gameplay and mechanics. 1977’s Zork, one of the first commercially […]

screenshot from the game elden ring
NerdyBirdy Feb 4, 2022

February’s Top New Releases on Xbox

The Month’s Top New Releases Every month is an exciting opportunity to discover new releases and play your next favorite game. This February is no exception. From remastered collections of older classics to eagerly anticipated unveilings of AAA mainstays, this month has a full slate of launches and releases. Dyna Bomb – February 1st While […]

featured image for 5 ways to support indie gaming
Zatomas Jan 27, 2022

5 Ways You Can Support Indie Games

#XAIndieLovers: 5 ways you can really support indie games Written by Zatomas How many indie games lovers are out there? I am sure there are a lot! Last summer, we launched an #XAIndieLovers blog posts series featuring some of our favorite titles from Xbox Game Pass, but what can we concretely do in our everyday […]