screenshot from the game life is strange
NerdyBirdy Mar 7, 2022

The Resurgence of Story Based Games

One of the most popular gaming genres in recent years is also one of gaming’s oldest. While many think of the quintessential video game to be a third-person shooter, action, or fighting game, many of the first video games revolved around narratives and plot over gameplay and mechanics. 1977’s Zork, one of the first commercially […]

A ghost and a banshee face off on a desert map, with a lone Spartan caught in the middle.
Taxel Feb 14, 2022

XA Community Playdate February 20 – Halo Infinite

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s time to get together in another community playdate! This time we’re doing something a little bit different – the event will be hosted and facilitated by Community Champions! Join IMHEYSUS, CerebralPaul#921, and your fellow Xbox Ambassadors for some Halo Infinite multiplayer on Sunday, February 20th at 9:30AM PT. We’ll get a big […]

screenshot from the game elden ring
NerdyBirdy Feb 4, 2022

February’s Top New Releases on Xbox

The Month’s Top New Releases Every month is an exciting opportunity to discover new releases and play your next favorite game. This February is no exception. From remastered collections of older classics to eagerly anticipated unveilings of AAA mainstays, this month has a full slate of launches and releases. Dyna Bomb – February 1st While […]

featured image for 5 ways to support indie gaming
Zatomas Jan 27, 2022

5 Ways You Can Support Indie Games

#XAIndieLovers: 5 ways you can really support indie games Written by Zatomas How many indie games lovers are out there? I am sure there are a lot! Last summer, we launched an #XAIndieLovers blog posts series featuring some of our favorite titles from Xbox Game Pass, but what can we concretely do in our everyday […]

featured image for the most anticipated games of 2022
NerdyBirdy Jan 21, 2022

Our 8 Most Anticipated New Games for Xbox in 2022

As a gamer, there’s few things more thrilling than the release of a new game. Nothing quite compares with those first few hours as you start piecing together the story and gameplay of a new playthrough. A great game brings together compelling storytelling, engaging mechanics and stirring soundtracks to create deeply enriching experiences. And as […]

featured image for the best games of 2021
NerdyBirdy Dec 30, 2021

End of Year Lists: The 10 Best Games on Xbox in 2021

We’ve finally arrived at the moment we’ve all been waiting for. It’s time to list the best games to come out on Xbox in 2021. The ultimate category of our end of year lists, this edition features a diverse lineup of games, from long-awaited releases, to under-the-radar surprises. Of course, no list could conclusively claim […]

featured image for forza horizon 5 and accessibility
Oraclea Dec 29, 2021

How Forza Horizon 5 Put Accessibility into the Driver’s Seat

Written By Oraclea Forza Horizon 5 took home several honors at the 2021 Game Awards, including the award for Innovation in Accessibility. The award is a great honor for Playground Games, who made accessibility one of the core pillars of the game’s design, and whose efforts have been rewarded with one of the highest accolades […]

featured image for the year's top designed games
NerdyBirdy Dec 23, 2021

Xbox Ambassadors 2021 End of Year Lists: Best New Designs

As we inch ever closer to the end of the year, we’re turning our attention to the year’s best releases for Xbox and PC. For this week’s end of year lists, we’re highlighting the best graphics and game designs of the year. From eagerly awaited AAA franchises to undiscovered independents, this list showcases the incredible […]

featured image how halo changed gaming
NerdyBirdy Dec 14, 2021

How Halo’s 2001 Release Changed the Gaming World

It’s rare that a new release of music, literature or cinema truly changes or defines a genre. Change after all, is difficult to force. Most of a year’s new editions are either incremental additions to a long-standing tradition, or simply derivative copies of previous pieces. But inevitably, a truly groundbreaking release unleashes a new generation […]

year in review best soundtracks
NerdyBirdy Dec 7, 2021

Xbox Ambassadors 2021 End of the Year Lists: Best New Soundtracks

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to highlight and celebrate some of the best new releases that we’ve seen this year for Xbox and PC. From eagerly anticipated new AAA titles, to undiscovered new indie darlings, we’re showcasing the best of Xbox over 2021. For this week, we’re focusing […]

Transgender pride flag
NerdyBirdy Nov 22, 2021

Transgender Awareness Week: Celebrating Transgender Achievements in Gaming

Last week was Transgender Awareness Week, a time not only to celebrate the achievements of the transgender community, but also to draw awareness to the challenges and struggles that transgender people still face. Each year, Transgender Awareness Week culminates in International Transgender Remembrance Day, an official holiday to observe and memorialize those who have been […]

A rustic looking room in a wooden house, filled with an assortment of things, from random trinkets to paintings
NerdyBirdy Nov 10, 2021

November and NaNoWriMo: Celebrating the Best Writing in Gaming

For thousands of writers and authors, November is more than a month of fall colors and Thanksgiving. It’s also a time of frantic, non-stop writing. As National Novel Writing Month, November is the host of NaNoWriMo, an online drive for writers to complete a novel-sized manuscript before the month ends. The inhuman task of writing […]