Stylized Xbox Ambassadors logo to look like a lake with lily pad d-pad. The ABYX buttons are personified, gardening, catching bugs, cooking, and fishing.
Otter Dec 7, 2022

Xbox Ambassadors Share How Gaming Helps with Stress

Stress and burnout can happen for any number of reasons – work or school, social situations, vacations, or things going on locally or globally. We asked Xbox Ambassadors to share how gaming can help. DStripeM He/him. Canada.  Video games. The one thing that helps the world. For me it helped passing through a lot of […]

An illustration of many people's heads with their eyes closed in a pondering manner
Fifthpaw May 23, 2022

Mental Health Awareness Month 2022: Xbox Ambassadors Share their Stories

Hey, everyone! At the beginning of the month, we celebrated the start of Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month and we definitely recommend checking out the wonderful stories in that blog.  However, May also happens to be Mental Health Awareness Month. A while back we asked a question on the Xbox Ambassadors forum: What video […]

The Xbox Ambassadors logo on a light pastel background with several drawings of people from their neck up with their eyes closed in a relaxed way facing each other
Fifthpaw May 3, 2021

Mental Health Awareness Month

It’s been more than a year since the world started collectively battling a pandemic not just physically, but also emotionally. From transitioning away from social spaces and being isolated from friends, to losing and grieving for our loved ones, the effects of it on our mental health cannot be understated. More than ever, the topic […]