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A girl with pink hair and a sparkly purple cloak stands smiling with a man with a red cloak, they are meeting with another man with a bow and arrow who is holding his hand out to shake with them.
Otter Nov 1, 2021

Next 30 Days of Season 24

Coziness and friendship  Happy November, everyone! We made a list of cozy games that you can play on your own or with friends. These games are available on Xbox Game Pass and can be played on either your console or PC.  Carto: This charming game is an adventure wrapped around a unique, world-altering puzzle mechanic. Use this power to guide Carto […]

A humanoid bard dog playing the violin as it prances through a green open field with a hill in the distance
Otter Oct 1, 2021

First 30 Days of Season 24

Introducing the bard As you read this, you may want to put on some tunes. This season’s theme is The Bard. Space Cat is going to take a cat nap while our new dog friend enters the scene. A selection of our activities this season will reflect this musical theme. Visit the Missions page for […]

A photo of a river cutting through a forest on a gloomy day
NerdyBirdy Sep 17, 2021

Hey Ambassadors!

Hey Ambassadors! I’m NerdyBirdy. So much of my childhood and young adult years were shaped by gaming. I can still remember watching my older brother playing 16-bit RPG’s on a Super Nintendo, or eagerly awaiting the release of the first Xbox with my friends in Middle School. As a kid, gaming was my safe space. […]

A cat astronaut holding a flag looking into the distance as space whales fly overhead
Otter Sep 1, 2021

Last 30 Days of Season 23

Happy Hispanic & Latin Heritage Month!  Hey, Ambassadors (and thinking-about-being-Ambassadors)! Are you wondering how you can get involved for Hispanic & Latin Heritage Month? Check out the XA Missions page to get started. We are featuring members of our community who also belong to Hispanic and/or Latin communities. Plus, we will have special streams on the XA Twitch channel and sweepstakes […]

Faceless character holding onto a lamp and another character's hand with little islands floating in the air and some more faceless characters floating and falling in the background.
Mister Taxel Aug 2, 2021

Summer Games Party Play Date: Human Fall Flat!

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s Summer Games Party this month and that means we get a bonus Play Date. For an extra dash of knowledge, charisma, and general humanity, this Play Date will be hosted by NorthernZoot! Zoot is a Play Host, Community Champion, Xbox MVP, and widely recognized source of wisdom for all things Human Fall […]

Illustration of colourful humanoid shapes hanging out at the beach having fun
Otter Aug 2, 2021

Next 30 Days of Season 23 – The Summer Games Party

You’re invited! Last year, we gathered virtually for the XA Summer Party. This year, we’re bringing it back with a twist. We are happy to announce the Summer Games Party! For the whole month of August, we’re inviting Xbox Ambassadors to join in the fun. Discover indie games with our play hosts as they do […]

An illustration of a cat's smiling face overlaid on top of a purple compass
Otter Jul 2, 2021

First 30 Days of Season 23

Adventure is closer than you think Are you ready for an epic summer, Ambassadors? Summer has always been a time to get out and explore the world around us—that’s why Season 23 is the Season of the Explorer! Some of you may recognize our sleepy feline friend from Season 21 (Season of the Dreamer). Now awake, Space Cat […]

Three humanoid owl standing in a library, reading books
Otter Jun 2, 2021

Last 30 Days of Season 22

Never too soon for June Hello, Ambassadors! At the first sign of sunny weather, I swapped all my winter things out for my summer stuff. Goodbye, scarves and sweaters! Farewell, space heater!  As I write this now, it is pouring rain and the 57-degree weather (13.8 in Celsius). Do I regret my decision as I sit in my shorts, trying not to make eye contact with my fan? Perhaps. Do I admit […]

A drawing of a wizard holding a glowing staff in front of a three stacks of books
Otter May 4, 2021

Next 30 Days of Season 22

How about a refresh? After our maintenance update on April 27th, the Xbox Ambassadors website refreshes automatically in the background now. This means when you complete a mission, it will track as completed without you needing to refresh the page. XP, tiers, and levels will automatically increase as well! During out maintenance, we also upgraded […]

An owl reading a book with the words "Xbox Ambassador" underneath it
Otter Apr 1, 2021

First 30 Days of Season 22

We have a winner… Cortana, play drumroll_1.mp3.  And the winning game of the first ever Xbox Ambassadors March Radness is: Halo! Congratulations!! Out of 18,117 votes Halo received 1,827. There were some close calls and some landslides, but in the end Master Chief took home the win. What’s new for Season 22 Now that #XAMarchRadness has come to an end, it is […]

A cat in an astronaut suit dreaming about fish while floating through space happily
Otter Mar 1, 2021

Last 30 Days of Season 21

This is what dreams are made of As predicted, February felt two days too short for all the achievements and fun that happened. Can we petition the calendar makers to make February two days longer? Marching into the new month, it is good to know that we have 31 days for all that we have planned.  To […]

XA logo in the center with blue pixelated hearts in the background
Otter Feb 1, 2021

Next 30 Days of Season 21

Mid-season check-in Hey, all you space cats, how is life?  > Good.  > Not so good… If you chose “Good,” we are happy for you! Continue reading.  If you chose “Not so good,” we are sorry ☹ and hope some of the puns below will bring a smile to your face.  Speaking of check-ins, we have a […]