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NerdyBirdy Nov 2, 2022

The Next 30 Days of Season 28

Xbox Explorer Path Experience October was an amazing month, but that is hardly a surprise when it comes to this community. What was a humbling surprise was how much participation there was in the new Xbox Ambassadors Accessibility Explorer Path. We launched this feature last month and already have over 150,000 mission completions. Well done, […]

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NerdyBirdy Jul 5, 2022

First 30 Days of Season 27!

The Season of the Apprentice and Expert  The End of Season 26  As we move into July, it is time to wrap up the last few events of Season 26. Season 26 was the season of the Storyteller, and we got to see the incredible power that comes from sharing personal stories and narratives.   We […]

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NerdyBirdy Jun 1, 2022

Last 30 Days of Season 26

Finishing the Season of the Storyteller As we wrap up the month of May, we’re grateful for all the incredible stories we’ve been privileged to share with our great Xbox Ambassadors. Both Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month and Mental Health Awareness month gave us a wonderful chance to learn more about the personal stories […]

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NerdyBirdy May 2, 2022

Next 30 Days of Season 26

Moving Into May April has come and gone and we’re now already close to the halfway point of the new season. As we move into the month of May, we’d like to highlight some exciting events that are coming up as well as express our sincere gratitude to all our Xbox Ambassadors. We’d like to […]

image of the storyteller of season 26
NerdyBirdy Apr 1, 2022

First 30 Days of Season 26

Looking Ahead to Season 26 – The Storyteller The theme of Season 26 is the Storyteller. The storyteller has always played a prominent role in gaming. After all, gaming is simply another medium in which to present new thoughts, ideas, or stories. Being the season of the Storyteller is also especially fitting because Asian and […]

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NerdyBirdy Mar 2, 2022

Last 30 Days of Season 25

Xbox Ambassadors are Heroes Throughout February, Xbox Ambassadors were prompted with some Contribute to the Conversation missions to share what it means to be a hero. Beyond this Season of the Hero, Xbox Ambassadors have shown themselves to be everyday heroes (the best kind!) on Xbox and other online spaces. Now as we head into […]

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Otter Feb 1, 2022

Next 30 Days of Season 25

Celebrate Black History Month February is Black History Month in the United States. For those who are unfamiliar with what Black History Month is, we hope you will take the time to participate in our Black History Month missions to learn more. It is an occasion for us to amplify Black voices in the gaming […]

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Otter Jan 3, 2022

First 30 Days of Season 25

Welcome to the Season of the Hero The first theme of 2022 is the Hero. A brave bird offers the protection of its cloak to three small chicks. Being a hero doesn’t always mean going into battle; sometimes, it means being patient when you feel impatient or generous when you don’t have a lot to […]

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NerdyBirdy Dec 7, 2021

Xbox Ambassadors 2021 End of the Year Lists: Best New Soundtracks

As we approach the end of the year, it’s a great time to highlight and celebrate some of the best new releases that we’ve seen this year for Xbox and PC. From eagerly anticipated new AAA titles, to undiscovered new indie darlings, we’re showcasing the best of Xbox over 2021. For this week, we’re focusing […]

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Otter May 4, 2021

Next 30 Days of Season 22

How about a refresh? After our maintenance update on April 27th, the Xbox Ambassadors website refreshes automatically in the background now. This means when you complete a mission, it will track as completed without you needing to refresh the page. XP, tiers, and levels will automatically increase as well! During out maintenance, we also upgraded […]

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Otter Apr 1, 2021

First 30 Days of Season 22

We have a winner… Cortana, play drumroll_1.mp3.  And the winning game of the first ever Xbox Ambassadors March Radness is: Halo! Congratulations!! Out of 18,117 votes Halo received 1,827. There were some close calls and some landslides, but in the end Master Chief took home the win. What’s new for Season 22 Now that #XAMarchRadness has come to an end, it is […]

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Otter Mar 1, 2021

Last 30 Days of Season 21

This is what dreams are made of As predicted, February felt two days too short for all the achievements and fun that happened. Can we petition the calendar makers to make February two days longer? Marching into the new month, it is good to know that we have 31 days for all that we have planned.  To […]