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Otter May 4, 2021

Next 30 Days of Season 22

How about a refresh? After our maintenance update on April 27th, the Xbox Ambassadors website refreshes automatically in the background now. This means when you complete a mission, it will track as completed without you needing to refresh the page. XP, tiers, and levels will automatically increase as well! During out maintenance, we also upgraded […]

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Otter Apr 1, 2021

First 30 Days of Season 22

We have a winner… Cortana, play drumroll_1.mp3.  And the winning game of the first ever Xbox Ambassadors March Radness is: Halo! Congratulations!! Out of 18,117 votes Halo received 1,827. There were some close calls and some landslides, but in the end Master Chief took home the win. What’s new for Season 22 Now that #XAMarchRadness has come to an end, it is […]

A cat in an astronaut suit dreaming about fish while floating through space happily
Otter Mar 1, 2021

Last 30 Days of Season 21

This is what dreams are made of As predicted, February felt two days too short for all the achievements and fun that happened. Can we petition the calendar makers to make February two days longer? Marching into the new month, it is good to know that we have 31 days for all that we have planned.  To […]

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Otter Feb 1, 2021

Next 30 Days of Season 21

Mid-season check-in Hey, all you space cats, how is life?  > Good.  > Not so good… If you chose “Good,” we are happy for you! Continue reading.  If you chose “Not so good,” we are sorry ☹ and hope some of the puns below will bring a smile to your face.  Speaking of check-ins, we have a […]

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Otter Jan 5, 2021

First 30 Days of Season 21

Welcome to Season 21, I mean 2021, I mean whoa We have made it to the golden season of 21 in the year 2021. Yes, that’s right, Ambassadors. Years ago, when we first began, someone had an idea to do a Beta season—all so that when Season 21 happened, it and the stars would align with the […]

Otter Dec 1, 2020

Last 30 Days of Season 20

Year In Review To repeat other bloggers and publications, this year has certainly been different. For the Xbox Ambassadors community, that difference was phenomenal. We welcomed so many new Ambassadors this year (and welcomed back some old ones). We introduced the Xbox Ambassadors Pledge and Lifetime Levels. We started running new missions to go with the updated Missions page. We created an immersive games club from the ground up.  None […]

Otter Nov 2, 2020

Next 30 Days of Season 20

Unlike Turkeys, Time Flies Wowza – November is here, and we have a busy month ahead of us! The secret game for the Xbox Community Game Club was Five Nights at Freddy’s. If you don’t already own the game or have Xbox GamePass, check out our Sweepstakes page for a chance to win Five Nights at Freddy’s, […]

Three pumpkins on a porch with an Xbox Ambassador logo on the far left pumpkin, Xbox logo on the center pumpkin, and "X" on the far right pumpkin
Otter Oct 1, 2020

First 30 Days of Season 20

“X” marks the spot We began this year with the Season of Stamina. 2020 has certainly tested my energy levels but being in a great community of gamers has helped keep me going. A community of gamers who would make others think every day is a day in the Season of Charisma. Last season, we chose the final attribute for our seasonal […]

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Otter Sep 3, 2020

Last 30 Days of Season 19

Happy September, Ambassadors! The weather is changing, and for those of us in the Northern hemisphere it is time to break out the scarves and sweaters, switch our juice blends to pumpkin spice lattes, and enjoy the crisp autumn air. Some of us might be returning to school or have children or friends getting ready for […]

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Otter Aug 5, 2020

Next 30 Days of Season 19

We Need to Talk Can we talk about how awesome Xbox Ambassadors are? Especially this past month, with so many changes happening. The strength of the Xbox Ambassadors community is astonishing. If anyone is in any doubt about how much trust, compassion, and support there is here, they need only go to the Ambassy (Xbox Ambassadors forum) and read […]

The ambassador logo on corn that's currently on a bbq. The corn is on the left side of the screen, and in the top right of the screen are skewers with vegetables.
Procrow Jul 2, 2020

The First 30 Days of Season 19

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! Season 18 has been a doozy hasn’t it? Pride Month Last month was Pride month, and we had the opportunity to highlight multiple Xbox Ambassadors who identify as LGTBQIA+! These are some wonderful stories of gaming and self-discovery. You should check out the blog!   Level Badges Your Xbox Ambassador badge on […]

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Otter Jun 11, 2020

Last 30 Days Of Season 18

Hello Xbox Ambassador! In the final stretch of Season 18, we want to thank everyone who has shared feedback on the new Levels structure. We have started to make some of these changes already, like reducing the number of friends/followers added to complete the Friending and Follower missions. Now, when you make a new friend/follower, […]