Season 32 themed images where a space cat travels in space
ChaoticLu Nov 1, 2023

Next 30 days of Season 32

The journey has only just begun! Get ready for an exciting month ahead as we explore what has happened and what is yet to come for The Traveler’s season. Come along and let’s see what the future holds! Behind the Scenes: Making of the Remix Controller Back in September we hosted our very first Xbox […]

Corgi dog, dinosaur and duck floating and being sucked by a black hole
ChaoticLu Oct 30, 2023

Party Animals Community Playdate – Join 12-hour XA Party Animal November 4th

Calling all Ambassadors! Get ready for a 12-hour gaming marathon like no other! Our Community Champions are hosting an epic event: a non-stop Party Animals extravaganza. Join us as we dive into the hilarious world of this addictive multiplayer game.   In this adrenaline-fighting frenzy multiplayer you’ll see cute, quirky animals battling it out in […]

Yak with sun staff and owl with moon cape looking front with a dark forest behind
ChaoticLu Aug 7, 2023

Next 30 Days of Season 31

The first 30 days of the season have already passed, so get ready for what’s new to come in August! As we said at the start of this season, we have planned a series of exciting things for the community and now, let’s hop into our newest updates! Celebrating International Day of the World’s Indigenous […]

Dog and cat with spacesuits sitting and looking at the space
ChaoticLu Jun 1, 2023

Last 30 Days of Season 30

The season of The Companion is reaching an end, but that doesn’t mean gaming with friends has to! Join the journey and see what our ambassadors have accomplished this season. The Xbox Ambassadors Accessibility Explorer Path   In October 2022, the Xbox Ambassadors program partnered with the Xbox Accessibility team to launch the Xbox Accessibility […]