An Xbox Ambassadors logo with the text "Xbox Ambassadors making gaming fun for everyone"
Taxel Apr 3, 2023

How to get verified in the Xbox Ambassadors Discord server

The Xbox Ambassadors Discord server now has an automatically assigned Verified Ambassadors role. This role and process make joining the server faster and easier for new members, reduce moderator + staff time needed to manually verify membership and assign roles, and help ensure that everyone chatting there has agreed to follow the Xbox Ambassadors Pledge […]

Against a rainbow background, the Xbox Ambassadors laurel and controller logo in white. White text says" Xbox Ambassadors Making Gaming Fun for Everyone"
Starl1ght Oct 3, 2022

Introducing the Xbox Ambassadors Accessibility Explorer Path

Happy October Ambassadors! As we get into the new month, that means Season 28 has arrived. With the new season, we have some new changes to your Ambassador Dashboard. While the Dashboard is getting a fresh coat of paint, we’re also adding some additional features to make the Ambassador experience better for everyone! Level Tab […]