Split image. Left side shows someone playing a video game and listening in with a headset. Right side shows two players visibly upset
Otter Sep 1, 2020

Staying Friends (After Conflict)

Read the story of Supreme and Spoon, two friends who met playing the online game “Fate.” When Spoon gets frustrated from not having all the latest gear, he starts cheating to get ahead. Find out how this affects their friendship. You can download the webcomic in its entirety here. Credit: Comic by ColossalSqvid and RedQueenMachine. Story […]

Two character sitting in their own chairs facing away from one another. Xbox Ambassador logo in the bottom center of the image
Otter Jul 1, 2020

Wanting to Make Amends

This webcomic is about a young woman – Minnni – who games to escape real life stressors, like work. This is also the story of Rad Lad, a young gamer whose friend convinces him to give online gaming a chance. You can download the webcomic in its entirety here. Credit: Comic by ColossalSqvid & Story concept […]