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Image showing four illustrated characters meeting each other for the first time
Blue Tiger May 1, 2021

Friendships on Xbox

Every day, friendships are made on Xbox. It’s one of the reasons gaming is so fun. Everything from sharing experiences with each other, playing a co-op game either in person or virtually, and just talking about new, exciting games, friendships are at the core of gaming. The value of friendship Friendships are an important part […]

Image of six Xbox Avatars
Blue Tiger May 1, 2021

Xbox Community Stories — Gaming is for Everyone

At Xbox, we believe gaming is for everyone. We strive to make life more fun for billions of people around the world by creating gaming experiences that everyone can enjoy. And when we say “everyone”, we really do mean everyone! There is strength in diversity and being inclusive towards all newcomers that discover our wonderful […]

Three animated women standing together with their arms raised in celebration. The woman on the far left is wearing a shirt that says, “Xbox Ambassadors”, the woman in the center is wearing a shirt with the Xbox Ambassadors logo, and the woman to the right is wearing an Xbox logo.
Blue Tiger Mar 1, 2021

Women’s History Month: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

It’s March, which marks the start of Women’s History Month! Highlighting and amplifying community voices is core to the Xbox Ambassadors community. So, in celebration, we asked those who identify as women how games with female representation have impacted them and to share their own stories about being a member of a gaming community. We […]

Four Xbox Ambassadors with a grey green background in bubbles

Xbox Ambassadors build community, reinforce inclusion and positive gaming

Blue Tiger Nov 9, 2020

Community Choice: Play Oxenfree in the Xbox Community Game Club

The Xbox Community Game Club has been great way for the Ambassadors community to discover their next favorite game. Starting today, the Xbox Community Game Club has a brand-new webpage, which you can read more about here. To celebrate we’re giving Xbox Ambassadors the ability to check it out a week early. Even better, for the first time ever we’re giving […]

Blue Tiger Nov 9, 2020

Xbox Ambassadors and Beyond: The Official Xbox Community Game Club

As an Xbox Ambassador, you’ve been enjoying Xbox Community Game Club missions for a few months now. We’re blown away by the sheer number of stories, experiences, and in-game moments you’ve shared online. Today, we’re thrilled to invite Xbox Ambassadors to be the first gamers to check out the brand-new Xbox Community Game Club page. […]

Graphic with a blue prisim background with the Xbox Ambassadors logo in white and set in the center of the image
Blue Tiger Oct 19, 2020

Introducing Community Champions — A new Xbox Ambassador role

Xbox Ambassador Community Champions lead by example and set the standard for what it means to be an Xbox Ambassador. Because there’s no one “right way” to be an Xbox Ambassador, we’ve recognized Community Champions for a variety of accomplishments and contributions to the community. Each Champion is trusted, equipped, and empowered to impact the […]

Two people playing a game together.
Blue Tiger Sep 29, 2020

Xbox Community Game Club – October 2020 Games

Happy October Ambassadors! Even though Halloween will likely be a little different this year we’re still going to bring the spirit of it to you with October’s Xbox Community Game Club game. Don’t worry, not all of the games will bring the spooks and scares. October 5th Costume Quest 2 (Console) Costume Quest 2 is […]

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Anika Lavios Sep 25, 2020

Who Are Xbox Ambassadors?

Tell Me Why game cover art
Blue Tiger Aug 27, 2020

What’s new with Xbox Community Game Club?

Get excited! The episodic narrative adventure game, Tell Me Why is coming to Xbox Community Game Club! Over the next few weeks, we will be highlighting each chapter release (1-3) as the Game of the Week with special missions and activities related to each chapter. What is Tell Me Why? Tell Me Why tells the […]

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Blue Tiger Jul 30, 2020

How to make the most out of International Day of Friendship

It’s International Day of Friendship! Every day, Xbox Ambassadors, like you, make friendships with others through the love of gaming. Friendships are one of the reasons gaming is so much fun. Everything from sharing experiences with each other, playing a co-op game either in person or virtually, and just talking about new, exciting games, friendships […]

Header image with Pride colors including black and brown stripes and the Xbox Ambassador logo
Blue Tiger Jun 18, 2020

Pride Month: Xbox Ambassadors Share Their Stories

We believe in highlighting and amplifying community voices. In celebration of Pride Month, we reached out to Xbox Ambassadors and asked community members who identify as LGBTQIA+ to share what their favorite video games mean to them. We received hundreds of responses and with difficulty narrowed it down to seven. Here are their stories: WOLFYOFVALHALLA […]