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The ambassador logo on corn that's currently on a bbq. The corn is on the left side of the screen, and in the top right of the screen are skewers with vegetables.
Procrow Jul 2, 2020

The First 30 Days of Season 19

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! Season 18 has been a doozy hasn’t it? Pride Month Last month was Pride month, and we had the opportunity to highlight multiple Xbox Ambassadors who identify as LGTBQIA+! These are some wonderful stories of gaming and self-discovery. You should check out the blog!   Level Badges Your Xbox Ambassador badge on […]

Sandy beach at sunset with the sky filled with white puffy clouds, dimmed by the ending light. There is the ocean on the right of the shot, with silver blue water, and the water cuts a diagonal line along the sand. The Xbox Ambassador logo is in the center of the shot, and it looks wind swept.
Otter Jun 11, 2020

Last 30 Days Of Season 18

Hello Xbox Ambassador! In the final stretch of Season 18, we want to thank everyone who has shared feedback on the new Levels structure. We have started to make some of these changes already, like reducing the number of friends/followers added to complete the Friending and Follower missions. Now, when you make a new friend/follower, […]

A hand writing a note to the Xbox Ambassadors blog
Procrow Apr 23, 2020

How to Write for the Xbox Ambassadors Blog: Part 1

So, you want to submit an article to the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog? Well, the first thing to consider is “Do I have content that makes sense for the Xbox Ambassadors Blog to feature?” To get you started, typically, content on the Xbox Ambassadors community Blog is focused on highlighting all things that make gaming fun for everyone.   While we love visiting other blogs for game reviews and news, the Xbox Ambassadors Community Blog […]

A woman standing out on a dock at a giant lake with the Xbox Ambassadors logo overlaid on the image
Procrow Apr 9, 2020

The Quiet Kindness of the Xbox Ambassadors, By Pandy Yato

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! This is a guest submission by Pandy Yato, an Ambassador of the Month and all around lovely person. We publish blog submissions from Xbox Ambassadors from time to time, and if interested, you can submit a blog here. The Xbox Ambassadors are known throughout the community for being a positive force who […]

group of people holding their mixer swag bags at a microsoft store
Procrow Mar 12, 2020

UGN Provides Their Top Tips To Streaming On Mixer!

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! This is a guest submission by Unlocks Gaming Network, a streaming group who recently provided a Mixer class to beginning streamers. We publish blog submissions from Xbox Ambassadors from time to time, and if interested, you can submit a blog here. Never did we think that the moment when we first hit […]

A person on a barren rocky plain. In the distance is a person in a green leotard approaching menacingly, arms spread open. Stamped on their head is the Xbox Ambassadors logo.
Procrow Mar 5, 2020

The Last 30 Days of Season 17

Hello Xbox Ambassadors!   We are at the Last 30 Days of Season 17 and are going to take some of the space here to talk about Season 18. Ya’see, we got some interesting programmatic changes incoming, and we want to make sure you have an opportunity to learn, think on it awhile, discuss, then talk with us about it.   […]

Various members who are related to igda
Procrow Feb 20, 2020

Finding Your Community, Remembering Your Dream (Job) by Guest Writer Shana T. Bryant

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! This is a guest submission by @mushrooqueendom, who was featured for Black History Month. We publish blog submissions from Xbox Ambassadors from time to time, and if interested, you can submit a blog here. Foundation’s Next Gen Leaders Program 2020 will mark my 4th year volunteering with the IGDA (International Game Developers […]

Kracken Tentacles attacking a ship in Sea of Thieves
Procrow Feb 19, 2020

The February 23rd Play Date is Sea of Thieves!

Hey Xbox Ambassadors! Our next community Playdate is February 23rd and it’s going to be Sea Of Thieves! You voted in our weekly Discord polls and Sea Of Thieves caught the wind and sailed to victory ;). Sea Of Thieves is available through Game Pass, or can be purchased through this link. Sea Of Thieves […]

Three pictures of the highlighted individuals, A headshot of Tanya DePass where she is looking calm on the left, The Middle picture is Malik Prince standing in front of an X019 sign with his arms crossed, A headshot of Shana T Bryant on the far right side and she is smiling
Procrow Feb 13, 2020

Celebrating Black History Month 2020

For Black History Month, we at the Xbox Ambassadors want to highlight some of the black industry professionals who inspire us. As the month progresses we’ll highlight each individual here, giving them the top spot for a week. Each one of them provides wisdom from perspectives on gaming, content creation, and moderation, to issues of […]

3 video game hearts
Procrow Feb 4, 2020

Next 30 Days of Season 17

Hello Xbox Ambassadors! Welcome to Black History Month, welcome to the month of Valentine’s Day, and welcome to a slightly longer February!  Black History Month It is Black History Month, and we are celebrating by featuring Black game industry professionals who inspire us. We’ll be publishing a blog this month and featuring these individuals in weekly tweets to share some of their great contributions to gaming. They are talented people and knowing more about them will enrich all of our lives. […]

Person wearing a gas mask holding out an Xbox controller
Procrow Jan 23, 2020

How to Build a Non-Toxic Community: Part 2

Welcome to “How to Build a Non-Toxic Community: Part 2” This blog is a continuation of last’s weeks blog “How to Build a Non-Toxic Community: Part 1” In this follow up, we’ll continue to discuss Community Rules, the importance of feedback, transparency, and some tricks of the trade. Introducing community rules The rules you choose are […]

Person wearing a gas mask holding out an Xbox controller
Procrow Jan 16, 2020

How to Build a Non-Toxic Gaming Community Part 1: Assigning Roles

Hello Xbox Ambassadors!  As Community Managers, we’re often asked for advice on how to grow and lead a positive community. Whether your community is focused on content creation, women in gaming, or another gaming-related topic, we have some tips to share on how to cultivate a healthy community.  We’re publishing a two-part series of articles highlighting how to build a non-toxic community. These are valuable lessons because safe, non-toxic experiences will help your community expand through retention. A healthy […]