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White Xbox controller in front of green and blue graphics on the left. Xbox Ambassadors and Game Club logos on the left. Text reading: Get together for Games and Giveaways. August 1-31 Summer Games Party 2021.
Miss AshesX Aug 18, 2021

Summer Games Party Stream Line-Up!

We’re halfway through our month-long Summer Games Party and we’ve got some more exciting streams coming up on our official Twitch channel! There are going to be giveaways, missions, and some fun interviews happening so you won’t want to miss out! Here’s what we have lined up so far:   Host: Kiesey Special Guest: Cyrille […]

At top of image, three paths to victory are displayed: Military, Economic, and Snail. On the lower left and right, there are blue and orange bee characters competing near their hives.
Miss AshesX Aug 10, 2021

Xbox Ambassadors Community Play Date: Killer Queen Black

Xbox Ambassadors, it’s Summer Games Party this month and that means we get to play extra indie games together. For the first time in a long time, this Xbox Ambassadors Play Date stream will be hosted by both Xbox Ambassadors Community Managers – Taxel and AshesX! We would love it if you joined us. On […]

Scene background from Shenmue game with a river, flowers, and trees
Miss AshesX Aug 3, 2021

August Ambassador of the Month – NiteTimeOwl3533!

Summer is going full speed ahead and the beginning of the new month is here. With that, we’d like to introduce the August Ambassador of the Month and newest Community Champion – NiteTimeOwl3533! He’s a source of positive energy in the program, he’s welcoming, and he’s always down to play a game with community members. […]

Faceless character holding onto a lamp and another character's hand with little islands floating in the air and some more faceless characters floating and falling in the background.
Miss AshesX Jun 23, 2021

XA Community Play Date: Human Fall Flat!

Xbox Ambassadors, get ready for our next Community Play Date this Sunday, June 27th! We’ll be getting together as many Ambassadors and their guests as we can in Human Fall Flat for some teamwork, puzzle solving, and wobbly walking physics and now with cross play between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC! Xbox […]

Trees on mountain top with blue skies and white clouds above it
Miss AshesX Jun 2, 2021

June Ambassador of the Month – ImHeysus!

June is here and along with that is the announcement of a new Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion! We’d like to shout out that ImHeysus is June’s well-deserved spotlight! ImHeysus represents Xbox Ambassadors admirably by interacting positively with other people no matter where they are connecting. He is inclusive, always up for helping […]

Key art from the game Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
Miss AshesX May 11, 2021

XA Community Play Date: Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Xbox Ambassadors, get ready for our next Community Play Date this Sunday, May 16th! We’ll be getting together as many Ambassadors and their guests as we can in Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville for some silly fun kicking grass and slaying zombies. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers have free access to Plants vs. Zombies: […]

Water reflecting the blue and yellow sky with hills in the background and trees in the front
Miss AshesX May 3, 2021

May Ambassador of the Month – GingerAle!

It’s a new month so may we introduce you to our newest Community Champion and Ambassador of the Month, oOGingerAleOo, also known as GingerAle! She’s been buzzing around our program and showcasing what it means to be a positive and inclusive Ambassador on our Xbox Ambassadors Twitch channel and her own YouTube channel. Speak with […]

Animated man jumping towards a space craft with the moon and sky in he background
Miss AshesX Apr 5, 2021

April Ambassador of the Month – Onyxishere!

Another season in the books and now we’re opening a new chapter with Season 22 and a new Ambassador of the Month and Community Champion, Onyxishere! He’s one of our XA play hosts, an Xbox MVP, and tenured ambassador who has been with the program for years. If you don’t know him, here’s your chance! […]

Lake with a road running along the side and mountains.
Miss AshesX Mar 2, 2021

March Ambassador of the Month – AirFig!

We’re marching into the new month with an exciting announcement. Our newest Community Champion and Ambassador of the Month is AirFig! You may have seen him around the Discord, or even caught one of his streams on the Xbox Ambassadors Twitch Channel. He is one of our wonderful content creators and play hosts, and we’d like to recognize […]

A photo of a beach in the morning with calm water
Miss AshesX Feb 2, 2021

February Ambassador of the Month – Zatomas!

It’s February and we’d like to announce the newest Community Champion and Ambassador of the Month, Zatomas! Hailing from Italy, Zatomas’ contributions to the community have not gone unnoticed. Let’s all give a round of applause and a big congratulations to a deserving Ambassador!   Zatomas is an advocate for speaking out against the stigma that video games influence children in […]

Picture looking up to a cloudy sky with the sun shining through
Miss AshesX Jan 5, 2021

January Ambassador of the Month and Newest Community Champion – SpyShadow!

The new year is here, and we’re all waiting to see what 2021 has in store for us! Here at the Xbox Ambassadors program, this change brings us into Season 21 and that means it’s time we announce January’s Ambassador of the Month and the newest XA Community Champion, SpyShadow! Ever since SpyShadow fell in […]

Miss AshesX Nov 5, 2020

November’s Ambassador of the Month – The Edge1970!

Were you on the edge of your seat to find out who the Ambassador of the Month is? Well, wait no longer, today we announce The Edge1970 as November’s Ambassador of the Month! On his seventh year as an Xbox Ambassador, Edge has shown us that he is a great Ambassador who is fully dedicated […]